Deploy a Docusaurus Static Site

Docusaurus is a great way to build documentation websites for your projects, and you can deploy a Docusaurus site on Render in under a minute.

Your site is served over a lightning-fast global CDN, comes with fully managed SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt, and supports custom domains out of the box.

  1. Create a new Static Site on Render, and give Render permission to access your Docusaurus repo.

  2. Use the following values during creation:

    Build Commandcd website; yarn install; yarn build
    Publish Directorywebsite/build/<projectName>
    projectName above is the value you defined in siteConfig.js as shown below.
    const siteConfig = {
      title: 'Docusaurus Example', // Title for your website.
      tagline: 'Fast and easy deployment on Render',
      url: '', // Your website URL
      baseUrl: '/', // Base URL for your project */
      // Used for publishing and more
      projectName: 'your-project-name',  // ...

That’s it! Your app will be live on your Render URL as soon as the build finishes.

See Specifying a Node Version if you need to customize the version of Node.js used for your site.