Bring Your Expertise to Render

We’re building a cloud to empower every developer and business to move fast and focus on what matters most to them. Render is on an ambitious, long-term journey—and we’d love for you to join us.

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Who We Are

Who we are is best described by what we value in our coworkers, and who we as individuals continually aspire to be. These personal attributes codify the most important traits we look for in future coworkers.

Our Values
Low Ego
Improving global outcomes is our top priority at work, and it is also the foundation for individual success.
Candor with Empathy
We say what we mean, directly, candidly, and sincerely, but always with empathy and respect.
Hard work is an essential ingredient of success, but we’re in this for the long run. We take care of ourselves and seek balance to avoid burnout.
High Integrity
We do the right thing even when it’s the harder option, and especially when no one’s looking.
We take full ownership and accountability for our work, but we’re never too proud to ask for help or additional context when needed.
How We Work

These are the shared underlying principles that guide our work and decision making at Render. It is a manual for new hires and a handy reference for the rest of us.

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Obsessive Focus on User Experience
We minimize the amount of thinking, reading, and clicking Render users need to do. We do the laborious work upfront so our users don’t have to.
Continuous Learning
Failures and mistakes are healthy as long as we’re making new ones. We examine failures dispassionately, objectively and without blame and treat each one as an opportunity to improve.
Quality over Scope
We do not compromise on quality to meet arbitrary deadlines. Instead, we find ways to optimize scope, staffing, and schedules.
Global Optimization
As we grow and priorities begin to compete, we work together and focus on what’s best for our customers and our company.
Constructive Conflict
The best ideas and outcomes often emerge from vigorous debate amongst diverse viewpoints. We encourage intellectual disagreement when conducted with mutual trust and respect.
  • We have a distributed team, with Renders working across the country. Those located in the Bay Area love our sunny, beautiful SoMa office. In addition to catered lunches, our kitchen is perennially stocked with snacks and drinks. Special requests welcome!
  • Whether you drive, rideshare, or take public transit, we provide a monthly stipend for your commute. We also provide remote employees with a home office stipend.
Time Off
  • 4 weeks of paid vacation, available from day one. 12 sick days per year. All the usual holidays (plus we take the week between Christmas and New Year’s off!)
  • 14 weeks of paid parental leave for all parents to bond with a newly born, adopted, or fostered child. We also work with you to create a supportive plan of return.
Health & Wellness
  • 100% employer-paid medical coverage and 99% employer-paid dental and vision coverage for you and all your dependents. FSAs available too.
  • Monthly lifestyle stipend for wellness, mental heath and therapy, hobbies, etc.
  • Monthly cell phone and internet subsidy.
  • Traditional or Roth 401(k) plans. Long-term disability and life insurance.
Ownership & Growth
  • Competitive cash and equity compensation with early exercise and extended exercise windows.
  • Continuous learning benefits & related support.
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