With Render, you can host your apps and databases where your users are, improving load times when it counts.

Supported Regions

While Render static sites are backed by a global CDN, all other services can be created in one of the following Render regions:

  • Oregon, USA
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • Ohio, USA
  • Singapore

We’ll continue to add more regions over time. If there’s one you’d like to see, you can vote for it at

Opting In

If you’d like to use a region while it’s in Early Access, navigate to Account Settings and scroll down to the Early Access card. After clicking on the Enable Early Access button, you will be able to create Render services in the given region.

Enabling a Region in Early Access through Account Settings

Selecting a Region for a New Service

Selecting a Region for a New Service

Selecting a Region for a New Database

Selecting a Region for a New Database

Changing Regions

We don’t support changing a service or database’s region at this time. You can always create a new service or database in your desired region.

Private Networking

Your services have one private network per region, so private services cannot communicate with each other between regions. To facilitate cross-region networking, you’ll need to expose them to the internet and secure their communication if needed.