Configuring Cloudflare DNS

This guide assumes you've added your domains to the corresponding Render service. If you haven't done this yet, follow the steps to add custom domains to your service.

To configure Cloudflare for custom domains, we need to set up CNAME records for all the domains you want to point to your Render app. In this guide, we’ll configure Cloudflare for and

Make sure to remove any existing AAAA records for your domains when you update your DNS settings. AAAA records map a domain to a corresponding IPv6 record, but Render does not support IPv6 addresses yet. As a result, AAAA records can interfere with Render hosting your custom domains.

  1. Log into Cloudflare, and go to the SSL/TLS settings for your domain. Set SSL/TSL to Full.

    Cloudflare crypto settings

  2. Go to the DNS settings for your domain:

    Cloudflare domain settings

  3. Add a CNAME record for to point to your Render subdomain which looks like

    Cloudflare Root CNAME Addition

    Make sure to click on the orange cloud to make it gray. This ensures your requests go to Render instead of Cloudflare.

    Cloudflare Gray Cloud

  4. Add another CNAME record for your www domain . Again, toggle the cloud icon so to make it gray instead of orange.

    Cloudflare www CNAME Addition

    The final configuration should look something like this:

    Cloudflare DNS records with two CNAME records

That’s it! DNS changes can take a few minutes to propagate, but once they do you should be all set.