Deploy Hooks

Render automatically builds and deploys your service on every push to your Git repo, but there are times when you want to build and deploy your service without pushing to your repo. This is where Deploy Hooks come in.

You can use deploy hook URLs to build and deploy your service from an external CI/CD setup or to trigger builds for your static site from headless CMS systems. You can even use Render cron jobs to deploy your service on a fixed schedule.

Every service on Render gets a unique Deploy Hook URL that can trigger a new deploy. Simply send a GET or POST request to this URL using an HTTP client; you don’t need to add headers or additional authentication. You can also add this URL to headless CMS systems like Contentful.

Make sure to only give this URL to people and systems you trust. Anyone with access to the URL can trigger a deploy for your service.

You can find the Deploy Hook URL for your service under Settings:

Deploy Hook