Deploy Webdis and Redis with Docker

This example helps you deploy Webdis on Render using Docker. Webdis is a fast HTTP interface for Redis with JSON output.

In this example, you’ll use a private Redis server and a public Webdis server and connect the two.


  1. Create a new private Redis server using the Redis deployment guide and make a note of the service address which will look like redis:10000.

  2. Fork render-examples/webdis on GitHub.

  3. Create a new Web Service on Render using your webdis fork. Use Docker for the environment and add two environment variables under Advanced:

    REDIS_HOSTThe host in your Redis address. For example, redis-xyz in redis-xyz:10000.
    REDIS_PORTThe port in your Redis address. For example, 10000 in redis-xyz:10000.

That’s it! Your webdis instance will be live on the Render URL displayed in the dashboard as soon as the build finishes. Try a few HTTP requests against your webdis instance.

Assuming the URL is, run the following commands in your local terminal: