Deploy MinIO

MinIO provides S3-compatible object storage for the hybrid cloud and is great for users looking for a performant and scalable object store to use on Render.


Click the button below to deploy MinIO to Render.

Deploy to Render

This deployment will create a Starter Web Service running the latest Docker Image of MinIO. Your objects are then stored on a 10GB Render SSD Disk so your data is saved across deploys and automatically backed up with daily snapshots.

After Deployment

  1. Navigate to your Services and click on minio and find your */ URL.

  2. Go to the Settings tab to configure your desired plan if additional RAM and CPU are required beyond the default.

  3. Go to the Disks tab to configure the amount of Disk storage required. You can always increase the size later, but you cannot decrease it. Pick the lowest value that works for your app.

  4. Find your automatically generated MINIO_ACCESS_KEY and MINIO_SECRET_KEY in the Environment tab to use to log in.

  5. Learn more about MinIO from the Quickstart Guide.

Manual Deployment

  1. Fork our MinIO example repo from Github.

  2. Make any required changes such as changing the region, plan or disk size in the provided `render.yaml file.

  3. Go to on your Render account and create a New Blueprint Instance using your forked repo.