HTTP Headers for Static Sites

Since static sites don’t have a server-side component that can inject custom HTTP headers in responses, Render lets you define response headers for your static sites in your dashboard.

Header Syntax

The header path must be a relative path without the domain. It will be matched with all custom domains attached to your site.

You can use wildcards to match arbitrary request paths.

/*Matches all request paths.
*.htmlMatches /index.html but not /blog/index.html
/blog/*Matches /blog, /blog/latest-post/ and all other paths under /blog/
/blog/*.htmlMatches /blog/index.html, all other HTML files under /blog/
**/*.htmlMatches /index.html and /blog/index.html

The name is the case-insensitive name for the header. Examples include:

  • Cache-Control
  • X-Frame-Options
  • Referrer-Policy

The value of the header is sent as-is in the response. Examples include:

  • public, max-age=86400
  • DENY
  • same-origin

The header key is normalized and the value is appended to it to form the response:

  • cache-control: public, max-age=86400
  • x-frame-options: DENY
  • referrer-policy: same-origin