Managed Redis is in early access.

Redis is one of the most flexible and popular caching and database servers. Previously, Redis had to be deployed as a private service on Render. Today, you can create managed Redis instances suitable for hobby projects or cache use cases using a free, non-persistent Redis with 25 MB of memory. We are working on persistent plans with larger amounts of memory.

Creating a Redis Instance

You can create a Redis instance on Render in under a minute. Like web services, you can give your Redis instance a memorable name.

New Redis form.

Connecting to Your Redis Instance

Connecting From Apps on Render

Managed Redis instances are only visible to other Render services in your account and have a service address, which is a host:port pair.

Bottom half of Redis page showing the hostname, port, hidden internal connection string, and external connection string as Coming soon!

The Redis instance above has the service address red-c6na6rjru51t7lilgs3g:6379. This means you can connect to it directly from any of your services using hostname red-c6na6rjru51t7lilgs3g at port 6379 — the hostname resolves to a private IP address that only your own services can access.

An internal connection string that looks like redis://host:port is also available if your app uses a Redis url instead of individual connection parameters.

Connecting From Outside Render

Supporting external connections is on the roadmap, but we recommend deploying Tailscale on Render as a workaround in the meantime.

Redis Versions

All Redis instances are on version 6.2.5.

Redis Options

Redis can be configured to support different use cases. We’ve configured the following options below:

OptionDescriptionDefault valueValue set
maxmemory-policyEviction policy when Redis’ memory is fullnoevictionallkeys-lru

Changing maxmemory-policy and other options are on the roadmap.

Upcoming Features

  • Persistent plans with more storage
    • Automated backups
  • Configurable maxmemory-policy
  • Blueprint support
  • Metrics
  • Logs
  • External connections

Have a feature request? Feel free to email us with Managed Redis in the subject.