Build Limits

Effective January 1, 2023 Render will impose build limits for all instance types. All services (free or paid) can only have one concurrent build per service, and triggering a new build will cancel any existing running build for that service.

Build Minutes

  • Developers using an individual account have access to 500 free build minutes per month.

  • Teams will have access to 500 free minutes per team member.

This limit is tracked in aggregate for all static services on your account. Once you reach this limit you can either pay for additional build time or wait for the limit to reset on the first day of the next calendar month. Additional build time is available for paid services.

You can configure a maximum spend amount for build time exceeding the 500 free minutes in your billing settings. After your account has used up the free hours allotted to you in a calendar month, any additional builds will incur a cost of $5/1000 minutes. For teams, this additional cost is not accounted for at the team member level. Instead, additional purchased minutes are shared across the team. Once your maximum spend amount is reached (or if you configure a $0 max spend), you will not be able to trigger new builds for static sites and free instance services. Auto deploys will also not trigger new builds for these services.

Monitor your build usage in the Billing page of the dashboard.

Please review our deploy documentation for more information on auto deploys and how they can be configured.

Disk space and Memory

Services can use up to 16 Gi of ephemeral disk space and 8 Gi of memory during the build process. If your service uses more than that, it will be terminated by the system.

Note that memory and persistent Disks attached to your service are not available to the build container. Adding a Disk or upgrading your instance type with more memory will not change the limits during builds.