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Sneak Peek:SQL Insights Stripe App

By Chris Castle

Render takes your infrastructure problems away and gives you a battle-tested, powerful, and cost-effective cloud with an outstanding developer experience. Focus on building your apps, shipping fast, and delighting your customers, and leave your cloud infrastructure to us.

Today, Stripe announced the launch of the Stripe App Marketplace. We’re excited to share that we built a Render Stripe App as part of the public beta launch! Here’s an early look at SQL Insights on Render.

Installing the SQL Insights Stripe App

When we asked customers who use Stripe what we could do to make their lives easier, we heard that a lightweight way to query business data in an easily accessible SQL database would be extremely handy. This got us excited – we already had all the infrastructure components to make it happen, and with the launch of Stripe Apps, we were able to package everything into a fully-managed product to help drive insights into your business and Stripe data.

A screenshot of tables created for you by the SQL Insights Stripe App.
Some of the tables you get with SQL Insights

Render’s Stripe App will provide a quick, cost-effective, and secure way to answer questions about your business in real-time using standard SQL. The app automatically synchronizes Stripe data to an encrypted PostgreSQL database so Finance, Product Management, Marketing, and Business Operations teams can use tools they’re already familiar with. Render’s PostgresSQL offering easily integrates with a vast ecosystem of popular dashboarding, analytics, and business intelligence tools like Mode Analytics, Tableau, Apache Superset, or Metabase.

The SQL Insights App will become available for install in the coming weeks. Opt-in to be notified when it’s available from the SQL Insights page in the Stripe Apps Marketplace.

Chris Castle

At the time of writing, Chris Castle was a Developer Advocate at Render.

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