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(our latest product updates)

  • We added a "Restart Database" button for managed PostgreSQL instances.
  • We added the ability to specify multi-line commands and environment variable values to the Dashboard UI.
  • We added more detail to Blueprint Sync failure messages.
  • We added a standard Business Associate Agreement for customers with HIPAA compliance needs.
  • We improved database usage metrics to visualize proximity to plan limits.
  • We improved Preview environment deletion policies.
  • We improved our Heroku Importer, making it possible to import apps utilizing buildpacks that require environment variables.
  • Our most upvoted request, Monorepo Support is now Generally Available! Check out Build Filters and Root Directory if you haven't yet.
  • We upped our Changelog cadence so you can see what's new more often.
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(posts, guides, and videos from our team)

Shipping Monorepo Support
Read the why behind our strategy for Monorepo Support from its creator, Render Engineer Shantanu Joshi. Understand how the new Build Filters and Root Directory features help you avoid unnecessary deploys and reduce build times.


(Render content from you)

How to deploy Rails to Render
Walk through a deployment of Ruby on Rails to Render live in this video from an awesome Rails learning community. Just a few file modifications, and you're up and running.
Heroku Alternative: How to deploy ReactJS Rails API app to Render
Nicholas Mendez ⋅ DEV.to
Start from ground zero by creating a React Rails API app from scratch using this guide, or follow the instructions to configure your Rails app for Render and deploy it with a Blueprint.
How to deploy Node.js to Render (Heroku Alternative)
CS Beam
Learn to deploy an Express, Node, or Typescript app to Render with this demo.
Deploy your Streamlit app to Render
Follow this guide to deploy your Streamlit app to Render and share your team's data science and machine learning discoveries with the world, scalably.
Deploy Wagtail to Render
Stacking Tabs
If your Django site needs a CMS, consult this guide and its accompanying video to deploy a Wagtail web service on Render using Visual Studio Code and Gitlab. Django を Render にデプロイしたいですか? ここをクリック。
Deploy Flask to Render
Follow this visual guide to deploy your Flask app to Render, or follow along with the Flask Stripe sample code.
Tailwind CSS Config and Deploy Tutorial
Dave Gray
Configure and extend the theme for a static site built with Tailwind CSS, and deploy it to Render once it's customized to your needs.
Deploy fullstack NodeJS app to Render
ZinoTrust Academy
Contend with the end of Heroku's free tier by deploying your NodeJS API to Render as a Web Service and completing the architecture with an Express Static Site.
How to deploy MERN app on Render, a Heroku Alternative
Jolene ⋅ DEV.to
Consult this guide to set up a Node application that uses WebSockets on Render, and connect it to a MongoDB Atlas instance for maximum hosted pleasure.

(stuff from around the web we think you'll like)

Pitchfork: A pre-forking web server for Ruby
Shopify ⋅ Github
Dig into the code of a newly-released project from Shopify, currently in testing for production. It's a web server based on Unicorn, with inspiration from Puma. To minimize memory usage and maximize copy-on-write performance, it periodically takes a warmed-up worker out of rotation and uses it to fork a new generation of workers. Genius!
Most people don't think simple enough
Jim Keller
⋅ Lex Fridman
Ponder an interview snippet from an x86-84 spec coauthor, and consider rewriting more often (from scratch). To be precise, do it every 3-5 years "if you want to make a lot of progress on computer architecture." Keller explains this wisdom in terms of diminishing return curves, reminiscent of Moore's Law, and recommends dismissing short-term limitations for long-term success.

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