Render Newsletter Volume 1 - July 2022

By Rosalind Benoit

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Write On

(posts, guides,and videos from our team)

Migrate a Rails app from Heroku to Render

Walk through migrating a non-trivial Ruby on Rails app to Render with Dev Advocate Chris Castle, using, an OSS production Rails application running on Heroku.

Migrate a Django app to Render (and get it ready for prod)

Join Rosalind Benoit to translate app.json and Docker Compose files into a Blueprint, move a Django app from Heroku, and deploy a prod-ready instance of the e-commerce app Saleor.

Borko vs. Bojan | Klustered

Watch Render engineer Borko battling his twin in a live Kubernetes debugging challenge (read: learning experience for participants AND viewers) hosted by Rawkode Academy.

Deploy Deno to Render

Chris Castle’s example deployment of Deno joined render-examples a while back, and we’re happy to congratulate Deno on its recent raise of a $21M Series A 🥂

Render in the Wild

(Render content from you)

Making a Static Site blog

DJ Hoffman

Follow this tutorial inspired by the Markdoc content authoring system to build a blog on Render using a React Static Site.

How to deploy a Docz site on Render

Ronnie Atuhaire ⋅ Aviyel

Use Render to deploy a Hello World site with Docz, a GatsbyJS generator for creating custom interactive documentation sites that use MDX.

Render, Remix, and Strapi: Let’s build a productivity tips app

Chigozie Oduah ⋅ Strapi Blog

Learn how to build a productivity tips app using Render, Remix and Strapi in this tutorial based on a workshop from Dev Advocate Chris Castle.

How to create PR review apps with Render

Tyler Hawkins ⋅

Learn to to enable review of UI changes by configuring PR review apps that deploy changes in a preview environment identical to prod.

Migrating from Heroku to Render

Benjamin Patton ⋅ Hackernoon

Find out how quick it is to make the move from Heroku to Render with a simple Node.js app using Postgres and Redis add-ons.

Curated & Concatenated

(stuff from around the web we think you’ll like)

Kelsey Hightower on how to become a better engineering team

Jennifer Riggins ⋅ The New Stack

Read KH’s eminent wisdom on honing high-performing teams by fostering collab, clear ownership, and customer empathy. Borrow practical questions for your teams.

How to build a Notion clone with Strapi v4 and Next.js

Hubert Nare ⋅ Strapi Blog

The first article in this series teaches you to set up a Strapi backend with a GraphQL, use the admin interface to configure collections you’ll use in a Notion clone, and perform CRUD operations in the playground.

How we built Hydrogen: A React framework for building custom storefronts

Josh Larson⋅ Shopify Engineering

Get a look at the experimentation that went into Hydrogen, a dev-first React framework for building custom storefronts that deploys to any Node env. React Server Components, Vite, and Taliwind for the win.

TZ: A time-zone helper

tz, an interactive TUI program written in Go, helps you schedule things across time zones by displaying time across the time zones of your choosing. Try it: brew install tz

Render, Getting Shinier

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Rosalind Benoit

Rosalind Benoit leads Developer Marketing at Render. She enjoys cycling, rock climbing, and Haruki Murakami novels. You can contact Rosalind at @dnilas0r or

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  2. Migrate a Django App from Heroku to Render (and get it ready for prod)

    This guide to moving an existing Django app over to Render walks you through creating a Blueprint to deploy a production-ready instance of the e-commerce app Saleor....

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